Q: How can I sell ItemsAdder item?


    price-mode: CLASSIC_ALL
    product-mode: CLASSIC_ALL
        hook-plugin: ItemsAdder
        hook-item: fishing_pack:common_fishing_bait
        economy-plugin: Vault
        amount: 5
        start-apply: 0
        placeholder: '&65 Coins'

Q: What does start-apply mean?

A: This means which times this price will apply. If you set it to 5, price will apply after player buy or sell this product 5 times.

This option will only work for ANY or ALL price-mode.

Q: What is different from full (free) version and premium version?

A: Check Welcome page for more info.

Q: Can I set different add lore for each product?

A: Yes, in Shop page we have telled you that add-lore also works in each product configs!

Q: Shop menu can not open after use once!

A: Make sure your config.yml is latest format, if not, update it.

Q: How can I translate item name in buy more menu and plugin message?

A: View Localized Item Name page.

Q: UltimateShop print Error:XXX message in console.

A: What I want to tell you is already put in the error message itself, like:

Error: Can not get prices section in your shop config!!

If there are no issues with the shop, there is no need to pay attention to it. The error message reported by the plugin is a prompt, and the plugin will automatically attempt to fix it once it detects this error.

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