No condition.

- 'none'


Player must be in those worlds.

Use ;; to separate each world.

- 'world: World1;;World2'


Player must have all those permissions.

Remember that OP players will always have all permissions unless plugin set it not by default, so if you want to test this condition, you have to deop yourself.

Use ;; to separate each permissions.

- 'permission: permission.1;;permission.2'


Player must be meet the placeholder condition. It consists of three parts, separated by ;;. The format is <Placeholder>;;<Conditional Character>;;<Value>.

Conditional character can be set to:

  • >=

  • <=

  • >

  • <

  • == (String)

  • = (Number)

  • != (Number or string)

  • !*= (Number or string) Not contains.

  • *= (String) Contains, for example, str *= string is true, but example *= ple is false.

- 'placeholder: %player_points%;;>=;;200'

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